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Dear Friends
I have no words
No comments, as you know iam not in Gaz aat the momet , but all what i hear, from friends and relatives are ,Horrible news

here is Sameh habeeb Blogging from Gaza

Day 9 of Israeli War On GazaNews Report Ground Military OperationBy: Sameh A. HabeebBreaking News: Five Palestinians killed in a bombing targeted Mus’abBin Umair mosque northern Gaza Strip.Breaking News: Five Palestinians from one family “Bakr” killed west ofGaza City. The mother was killed along with her 4 children in F16rocket.Breaking News: Around 17 peoples killed in Al atatra family in Baitlahia town north of Gaza. Amongest them several children, twobrothers, 20-year-old and many old men who were all killed by onerocket. Israeli tanks prevents ambulances from reaching wounded peoplein the same place. Among the recognized victims; Osama sliman, MueenAbu aljdya, Ahmed Abu sltan, Hamaoda Abu sultan, Ali Al sous,Muhammad Al atar, Ahmed Tantish and one from Al shalfooh family.Breaking News: Three paramedics and ambulance staff killed by anartillery shell and F16 rocket near Shikh Ejlin area. The paramedicswere in a mission of rescuing a family hit near Al mahrosa hall. Thefamily still bleeding and no news coming up about them till thismoment.Day 9 of Israeli War On GazaNew Israeli weapons are used, death toll up, ground operation to startDear Editors, Journalists and Friends,The ground military operation started 24 hours ago. Below is a newreport for the 9th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of Israeliinvasion. For more reporting, breaking news, interviews and accountsin Gaza, you could reach me on my contact info below. Please try bothnumbers below because there is a big problem in communication resultedin Israeli power cuts.I’m available 24 hours for media coverage in occupied Gaza. You couldreach me any time in my house. welcome to call me on this number in the night:: 0097282802825blogging from Gaza
may be will keep you updated as iam not there at the moment




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it is me !!

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The pungent chilli has played an important role in cuisines the world over, adding a distinctive kick to many a dish.



As a general rule of thumb, the larger the chilli, the milder it is. Smaller chillies tend to be much hotter because they contain proportionally more seeds and veins than the larger varieties. Those seeds and veins can contain up to 80 per cent of a chilli’s potency in the form of capsaicin, the powerful compound that gives chillies their fiery nature.

As neither cooking nor freezing reduces the intensity of capsaicin, removing the seeds and veins is the only way to reduce a chilli’s heat.

In the US, chillies are rated in Scoville Heat Units, which measure their capsaicin content. While a green capsicum would score 0, Habaneros can hit 300,000 units.




There are hundreds of varieties of chillies. They vary in length and size, ranging from long thin ones to plump round ones, and in colour, from yellow through to green and bright red.


Certain chilli varieties are known to be hotter than others, but it’s worth bearing in mind that even on the same plant individual fruits can contain different levels of capsaicin. Here’s a selection of some of the most common chilli varieties, from the relatively mild to the lip-tinglingly, mouth-burningly hot….

  • Poblano and Mulato Isleno are mildly hot varieties which develop a deep, sweet flavour and can be used in chiles rellenos (stuffed chillies). Poblanos can be dried and used in the Mexican mole poblano sauce. Elongated New Mexican chillies such as Ortega, as well as the Hungarian Hot Wax, also hold back on the fire and are ideal for use in stews and salsas, much as you’d use a sweet pepper.
  • Pasillas are long and very dark brown. They’re usually sold dried and are ground to add to sauces.
  • Jalapeños are quite fiery varieties, popular in the US and Mexico. They’re commonly used either fresh or pickled in salsa or as a pizza topping. Towards the end of the growing season, when they turn deep red, they’re often dried and smoked to make chipotles, which impart a distinctive flavour to salsas and marinades.
  • Cayenne peppers can grow to 30cm/12in long. They’re used mainly in hot sauces and their seeds are dried and ground to make cayenne pepper, a pinch of which can be added to or sprinkled over a variety of dishes, particularly cheesy ones.
  • Tabasco chillies are slightly hotter, and are used almost entirely in making Tabasco sauce, the distinctive flavour of which comes from a fermentation process in which the chillies are combined with vinegar and salt.
  • Bird’s-eye chillies are proof of the ‘smaller equals hotter’ rule. These tiny but powerful green and red fruits are especially common in Thai and South-east Asian cooking.
  • Habanero and Scotch Bonnet chillies are not for the faint-hearted, hitting the top of the heat scale. These lantern-shaped chillies are related but distinct types. Habaneros have a slightly fruity flavour and are usually orange, while the Caribbean Scotch Bonnets vary in colour.

Selecting, storing and preparing chillies



When shopping for chillies, farmers’ markets and ethnic stores are the best hunting grounds for more interesting varieties. Look for a smooth, glossy skin that is deep in colour and firm to the touch. Discard any with shrivelled skin, brown marks or watery bruises. Chillies in prime condition can be stored for a week or two in a ventilated plastic bag in the fridge. Chilling affects the flavour, so bring them to room temperature before use.


                                   To prepare fresh chillies, slit them lengthwise, remove the seeds and membranes with the tip of the knife and cut off the stem. Rinse them under cold running water and then prepare according to the recipe.

After working with chillies, it’s extremely important to wash your hands thoroughly. Failure to do so can result in painful burning of the eyes or skin – wearing rubber gloves is a good tip.

Dried chillies are a great ingredient to have on hand in the kitchen, as they’ll keep for around 12 months if stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. For a very simple Italian-style storecupboard dinner with tons of flavour, crumble them, seeds and all, into a pan and lightly fry in a little olive oil with some chopped garlic, then stir into spaghetti.

Some of the larger dried chillies work better when reconstituted. If you’re making a liquidy dish such as a soup or sauce, you can add the dried chillies in whole and they’ll plump up during cooking. Otherwise, you can reconstitute them by soaking in a bowlful of water for about an hour. They can then be used in the same way as fresh chillies.


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I’m very thankful for you all

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health benefits of Broccoli

BroccoliScientific Name: Brassica aleracea

Biological Background: Broccoli is a dark-green vegetable with small, tight heads (curds) mounted on stem-like buds, and is a member of Brassica family of the Cruciferous vegetables. It is one of the most popular vegetables and was originated in Italy.

Nutritional Information: One cup of chopped and cooked broccoli (146 g) provides 46 calories, 4.6 g protein, 8.7 g carbohydrates, 6.4 g fiber, 178 g calcium, 1.8 mg iron, 220 RE vitamin A, 0.13 mg thiamin, 0.32 mg riboflavin, 1.18 mg niacin, 98 mg vitamin C.

Pharmacological Information: Broccoli is a spectacular and unique package of versatile disease fighters and abundant in numerous strong, well-known phytochemicals and antioxidants, including indoles, isothiocyanates, quercetin, glutathione, beta carotene, vitaminC, folate, lutein, glucarate, and glutathione. Broccoli is extremely strong in anticancer activity, particularly against lung, colon, and breast cancers. Like other cruciferous vegetables, it speeds up the removal of estrogen from the body, helping suppress breast cancer. Broccoli is rich in cholesterol-reducing fiber and has antiviral and antiulcer activity. It is a super source of chromium that helps regulate insulin and bloodsugar. Broccoli is also a good source of calcium, thus help fight osteoporosis. However, brocoli is one of the leading intestinal gas producers.

Eating Tips: Heavy cooking and processing destroy some of the anti oxidants and phytochemicals such as indoles and glutathione. Eat raw or lightly cooked as in microwave and stir-fry. To reduce its gas production, eat broccoli with ginger or garlic.

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Time Management


Time management is one of those elusive phrases like “people skills” that carries weight but is hard to define. It comes down to a single question: Do you have enough hours in the day to get everything done? Your answer is probably a resounding “No!” Who doesn’t have pages of undone “To Do” items? Who doesn’t long for another hour to sleep or play or return e-mail? Given that you’re already operating on a time deficit, the goal is to minimize the number of hours you spend at work while maximizing your productivity. And there are some relatively simple ways to get the most out of your hours.Suckers Cutting wasted time from your day is like cutting extra calories from your diet. First identify where the time is going. Commit to keeping an accurate record (down to 5-minute increments) of your schedule for the next week…>Ahead One of the greatest fallacies about time management is that planning takes more time than it’s worth. For those of us without personal secretaries, the single biggest move we can make to take control of our time is to plan ahead…>Down How much time do you spend looking for lost items, trying to remember what you need to do next, and figuring out where you should have been an hour ago? Whatever your answer, it’s too much…>Priorities You do know what your priorities are, don’t you? If not, it’s time to figure them out. Make a list of your typical job tasks, review your job description, determine what’s getting done and what isn’t, and meet with your manager for a heart-to-heart… >


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How to be happy??

Everyone gets moody. That’s why people go on diets, spend too much money for clothes, or suck up to popular people – because they think it will make them happy! That happiness often proves to come to us! However, if you get to know people around you, you will see what makes the happiest people crazy 


1.                     Keep your thought process and think positive. If you catch yourself thinking that things aren’t going to work out, then think again. Remember that most things work out better than you fear – so imagine that your fears are ungrounded and that success is ahead. Rather than thinking of the problems and getting desperate, imagine the best outcome and then work out what you need to do to make that happen. Follow your “inner guidance system.” If the thoughts you are thinking are not giving you a good feeling, then think about something else that will make you feel good in that moment. Monitor your thoughts consistently throughout the day. Sometimes this may not be as easy as you think if you are stuck in a “negative” train of thought and your brain chemicals are getting fired up and forming an “anxiety or anger” pathway. Anxiety, fear and anger patterns can be interrupted by focusing on doing a math problem, counting backwards, counting in odd numbers, doing a sudoku puzzle, etc. – this will dissipate the rush of chemicals that are making you feel bad. Immediately then go back to picturing scenes/remembering things/imagining, planning stuff that makes you feel good.

 2.                     Volunteer and learn to be a giver. It is possible giving time and resources to others who need them will contribute more to your happiness and positive outlook on life than most anything else. The key to successful family relationships is sacrificing time for others. Give of your time to your spouse and give yourself up for him/her. Devote time and resources to your children and recognize they are your most valuable worldly asset. The happiest days of our lives, when we really dig down deep, is when we see the smile on the face of a child who has nothing and you have given them something of immense value to them such as reading them a book, it means you love them enough to give of your time. Serve at a rescue mission and you will learn the meaning of “I cried because I had no shoes and then I saw a man who had no legs.” Give and it will be given unto you. Isn’t it true the happiest people we know are typically the ones who for some foolish reason are always ready to give you the clothes off of their back? And frequently it is true that the most discontented people are the ones who are selfish, demanding, and inconsiderate of others. So form the habit of being a Big Giver and you will know one of the secrets to successful happy living.

3.                     See the world for what it really is. You have friends and family that love you. Learn How to be thankful. Think of all the things you have to be happy about. Relax, calm down, take things slower. No one has everything, and everyone has something of sorrow intermingled with gladness of life. The trick is to make the laughter outweigh the tears. We cannot change the past, but we can enjoy today, and look to the future. But if we are prepared to take credit for the past and accept that everything that happened in our life, good and bad, has made us the person we are – the battle is half won.

 4.                     Lighten up. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Stress can cause many mental, physical, and spiritual problems in your life. One of the major causes of stress is worrying about things that are out of your control. Learn to recognize these things and if you can truly do nothing about them, then just let them go. Take time to laugh at yourself and the situations you find yourself in. Laughter is a powerful, positive medicine and the calmer and more peaceful you can take things, the happier your life will be.  

5.                     Be yourself. You can’t please everybody. Don’t let criticism worry you. Don’t compare yourself to other people – at work or in your personal life. In the first place, no one knows what other people are going through. More importantly, when you compare yourself to other people, you always tend to see yourself on the “short end”. So this is never a good or helpful thing for you to do. One way to get in touch with yourself is through journaling. The goal is to open up completely to yourself and learn to be your best friend by knowing that the truth (to yourself) will set you free from fear! Practice self-acceptance no matter what. Never do something you’re not comfortable with. You’ll respect yourself for sticking to your guns, and that self-respect will make you happy.

 6.                     Make a scheduled time every day for relaxation. This is a good time to go over any therapy that you’re working on. Having a “relaxation” time or a “quiet time” every day strengthens you, allows the stress and tension in your life to evaporate, and keeps you more on a positive, even keel.

7.                     Get a job you love. If you have a job you hate or dislike, seriously consider changing your job, or even changing careers. Having a job that makes you look forward to your day when you wake up in the morning is critical to a happy, fulfilled life. Making special time to enjoy interests, hobbies, and family, not only makes life happier, but helps us be more productive on the job.

 8.                     Develop a strong relationship with your family. That includes trust. If you are in an abusive family, you must find a way to stop the abuse that may include separation. If you want a stronger relationship with your family, you’re going to need to be honest with them. Tell your family about your life and don’t insult them – it hurts them just as much as it hurts you to be insulted.

9.                     Choose the right companion. Get involved with activities that reflect who you are, and get to know people who like the things you do. Don’t rule out the Internet as a place to find a significant other, just get to know them over the phone or through a few months of emails before agreeing to a meeting in person.

10.                 Choose your friends carefully. Nearly everyone needs someone who cares for them and treats them well. If you have friends who are treating you badly, then ditch them and find friends that do care about you. If you can’t find any friends like that in your current circumstances, then look elsewhere. If you’re feeling sad, there’s nothing like going out with your friends to make you feel better. Surround yourself with friends who are positive, encouraging, and helpful. We all need this continuing, positive encouragement to make solid positive progress in life.

 11.                 Do what you can for those less fortunate than yourself. Volunteer at a hospital or be a part of a program, which take care of patients in some way. When you leave the hospital, you will be so much happier knowing that you’ve done something meaningful, something someone else can appreciate.

12.                 Wish the best for others and mean it. It is so easy to be jealous and petty and forget to celebrate the good fortune of your coworkers, friends and family.

13.                 Keep learning. Whether it is a new hobby or a new dance, just keep learning something that interests you. Just find a new interest and go for it!! It will give you something to keep you occupied, and a new outlook on life.

14.                 Set goals. Live up to them. When you accomplish a goal, it’s a great feeling. If you put all your failures down to other people, you put yourself in their power. Take responsibility for when things go wrong in your life.

15.                 Be healthy. Give your body and mind what it most needs in order to function in an “optimal” way. “Optimal” in this case means being the healthiest you can be, and the most psychologically balanced you can be. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and ensure that you get all the vital vitamins and minerals that your body requires for its optimal biochemical functioning. Supplement your diet with the appropriate vitamins and minerals if necessary. Get plenty of exercise. This will prompt the production of the “feel good” hormones that make you feel happy (endorphins). Plus, there are all the other obvious fitness and disease fighting benefits, too numerous to mention here.

 16.                 Strive for long term goals vs. short term satisfaction. It is very easy to gain short term satisfaction, a quick high, a fast relief from your current problems. But it is what it is , a “short term” satisfaction, its effects die out very soon, leaving you again with this empty feeling. Set long term goals, set a goal which takes some time, some thought, some effort to achieve. This will make you continually work towards improving yourself bit by bit and will give you the satisfaction of bringing a permanent change in your life. A permanent revolution.

17.                 Understand that life can really be a joke and you just have to laugh with it.

18.                 Sometimes the best way to feel happy is to feel despair and the only way out is to laugh at the shambles of a predicament you’re in.

19.                 Cut out beautiful pictures and paste them into a scrapbook.

 20.                 Create something, be it some artwork (no matter how bad or good), sing your heart out, dance manically until your feet and body give way or perhaps cook a delicious meal for people you love.

21.                 Deeply breathe in fresh air.

 22.                 Learn how to feel and experience all your different senses in the best possible way: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.

23.                 Walk down the street and greet your neighbours with a smile, a nod and a greeting.

24.                 Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the air.

25.                 Say hello to every one with a smile 


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